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Brutality of Indonesian army and police towards moral actvists of FKM-RMS on Banda Sail in Ambon/Moluccas

From: alexander manuputty 

Date: 7 augustus 2010 08:13
Subject: Brutality of Indonesian army and police towards moral actvists of FKM-RMS on Banda Sail in Ambon/Moluccas 

Dear All

Indonesia is also as a part of Human Rights upholder

I would like to give to all of you the last confirmation about Sail Banda’s victims as follows: 
1. Beny Sinay
2. Izak Sapulette
3. Jhon Siahaya
4. Piter Lernaya
5. Andrias Maruanaya
6. Edwin Maruanaya
7. Ongen Krikhof
8. Marven Bremer
9. Steven Siahaya
10. Ongen Sahetapy
11. Frence Litamahuputty
12. Nono Andris
13. Frangky Sinmiasa

Indonesia has a Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Mr. Patrialis Akbar, also has a Chairperson National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM), Mr. Ifdhal Kasim
But I do not understand why they have not nail to maintain and uphold Human Rights Approach as it is ought to be done.
Why they let its army and police exercise torture and degrading treatment towards moral activists of FKM – RMS on Sail Banda in Ambon Moluccas from August 1, 2010 up to now, and even this endless dirty action has become a splendid cuisine for Indonesian army and police during years.
I adjured so that both of that section aforesaid must be eliminated from the earth of Indonesia because it’s for nothing. 
Warning by warning was come from an international board but they (both section and army and Police) are ignoring it even they did not want to know about it.

I adjured please do something strong towards Indonesian government so they shall respect the rights of human being as properly.

South Moluccas/CA/USA, August 6, 2010

With kind regards
Alexander H Manuputty 
Leader of FKM-RMS

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