Saturday, June 8, 2013

Letter to the parties where their predecessor was implicated to settle the RMS case in the era of 1950


  • The Honorable President of United Nations General Assembly (Represent the then President Warrin Austin)
  • The Honorable Secretary-General of United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon (Represent the then bodies of United Nations)
  • The Honorable President of International Court of Justice/ICJ, Mr. Hisashi Owada (Represent the then Bodies of an International Law)
  • The Honorable President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama (Represent the then USA’s representative in Renville Agreement)
  • The Honorable President of France, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy (Represent the then Monsieur Lacoste)
  • The Honorable President of Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Hussein Tantawi (Represent the then Mahmoud Fawzi Bey)
  • The Honorable President of NKRI, Mr. Susilo B Yudhoyono (Represent the then President Ir. Soekarno)
  • The Honorable The Queen of United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II (Represent the then Queen)
  • The Honorable The Queen of Netherlands, Queen Beatrix (Represent the then Queen)
  • The Honorable Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron (Represent the then Sir Gladwyn Jebb)
  • The Honorable Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mr. Mark Rutte (Represent the then Prime Minister DR. Drees)
  • The Honorable Prime Minister of Belgium, Mr. Yves Leterme (Represent the then Belgium’s representative in Renville Agreement)
  • The Honorable Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. B. Netanyahu (Allegedly the South Moluccan are Israeli)
  • The Honorable Prime Minister of Egypt, Mr. Essam Sharaf (Represent the then Mahmoud Fawzi Bey)
  • The Honorable Prime Minister of Australia, Mrs. Julia Gillard MP (Represent the then Australia’s representative in Renville Agreement)
  • The Honorable Leader and members of WFUNA (Mauritius, India, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Canada, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Jamaica), Represent the then WFUNA.

With Regards,

I represented my people (the South Moluccas which is languishing due to atrocity grip of Indonesia’s government) send to all of you this letter again as to remind so all of you can set a wee bit time aside you have to think that still untold of people in the parts of the world as well the South Moluccan is suffering because of an ill treatment of their government and or by kind of any shape of colonization that should not worthy again to be maintained nowadays.
Verily that Indonesia (NKRI)/Unitary State of Indonesia should not be upheld sustained as a State because whatever all of you can do shall be useless,

  • Corruption is being rampant and it is taking place from sublime to ridiculous.
  • No any law can be run as proper for almost entire of state administrators implicated in Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (CCN).       
  • Human rights approach merely talks not action (tens even almost hundred of peaceful humanitarian activists of South Moluccan and or RMS activists still spent in a couple penitentiary of Indonesia).
  • The law is adhering in the self of every State’s administrator (they have immunity of the law).
  • The law of Islamic dominated/overcome the law of State/Nationality in most cases.
  • Nationality of Indonesia really just a symbolic as to maintain the position of the people of jawa as the first class.  
  • Every person of Army, Police and or any other Apparatus of Indonesia always do at will/arbitrarily about what they want and never submit to the regular law or the law against the violence and or human rights approach especially in the cases of freedom of expression, freedom of association, peaceful assembly and or something like that.
  • The wealth of the State solely to the benefit of higher and not for common people that is why the country is never burgeoning as it is ought and always in the state of ceaseless decline.
  • The development is never generalizing to all part of the state (100 % just for Java territory and only uncertain/small percentage to other parts of Indonesia and moreover to eastern part of Indonesia like Moluccas and West Papua just patches as such.     
  • The position of Criminal Code of Indonesia’s law especially in article 106 and 110 merely utilized to deceit an International eye as to maintain the perpetuation of NKRI where this article always used purposely to put down ruthlessly activists of (freedom of expression, freedom of association and peaceful assembly and or something like that) and it connote matter of course to lay aside precisely human rights declaration.  
  • The bare fact that the ramshackle of NKRI has ingrained and rooted.   
  • An established fact that whoever or whatever has a power mostly behind the scenes to organize the violence to their benefit only.
  • Each and every one administrator of state never subdues and obeys to what which was become wisdom of state to the benefit of their people nationwide. 
  • The state has obviously applied the principles of jawanization and islamization.
  • Indonesia evidently has acted kind of shaped disguised of any colonization towards all sorts of people in it especially towards the South Moluccan, West papuanese and Achenese.
  • And what not.

I am underline that Indonesia’s State this day is not a legally Republic of Indonesia (RI) which was proclaimed on August 17, 1945 but merely constitute an upshot of a crime towards political rights and human rights of assorted human being that lie in it that crashing contradictory to a legal norm either international or national, that was a born of NKRI on August 15, 1950.

I go to say to all of you that it is awfully significant if people exist in new couple states that beneficial in lieu of one NKRI that in vain forever.

I dreadfully appreciate your predecessor considerable efforts of all of you concerning the matter of the Republic of the South Moluccas (RMS) in the era of 1950 though it is still postponed till now and it is not exaggerate if we the South Moluccan now literally expected your hard work again to finalize significantly United States form of Indonesia state that never accomplished yet since the era of 1949 as yet according to the Round Table Conference (RTC) and its transition measures on December 27, 1949 and also has been the time now to honor the position of legitimate State of RMS and bring it back to the rightfully people the South Moluccan. 

Please, please and please reconsider the willpower of the South Moluccan which is never surrender although any torment is a part of our live exclusively to enjoy again our legally beloved RMS State, proclaimed on April 25, 1950.

Onward the Federation of Indonesia, onward the South Moluccan, onward the RMS State and please upright its righteousness, justice and honesty.        

God Bless all the Honorable.

South Moluccas, USA (CA), July 11, 2011

On behalf of South Moluccas Nation
Transitional Government
My best regard


Dr. Alexander H Manuputty

Executive Administrator

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