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Perpetuation slaughtering in South Moluccas

 “A Free Born People are not required to Submit to Tyranny”
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Malino II Conference, February 12, 2002 as a base of strategy of continuing slaughtering planning in Moluccas for (the first scenario of genocide (Moluccas humanitarian tragedy)/TKM, January 19, 1999 that running in years experience its failed to Islamize the indigenous Christian Moluccas and to conquer the whole area of Moluccas dominantly).

Brutality action of wild Islamic which was barbaric in South Moluccas (Ambon city and its surrounding areas) on September 11, 2011.       

The brutality that happened in Ambon the Moluccas’ Capitol and its surrounding area was extremely clear constituting a game of Indonesian green apparatus (Indonesia Green Army and Police).
The death of one Islamic people at an accident, which was torsion to be an issue of SARA (race, religion, ethnic and group) in consequence of a killing done by a Christian people exactly, has been like to put a fire in a husk.  
If a crash in years before TKM probably just to implicate the victims’ families as such, yet right now as iota as matter whatever it, has been a cause of a big catastrophe especially in Moluccas and more especially in South Moluccas.  
Experience proved that a man behind the catastrophe always appear from the side of Islamic people, the matter was so simple namely that this group is very easy to be provoked or to be raised its emotions so before thinking directly rampage as a crazy cow (a friend of Matador).
I myself as an indigenous people of Moluccas was so sad because my brothers and sisters from indigenous Islamic Moluccas side was so different nowadays, I do not know exactly whether a mastermind of this problem is derive from our brothers and sisters of Moluccas indigenous or from wild Islamic it meansoutsider of Moluccas, but clearly that we cannot distinguish anymore which one is our bros and sisters and which one is the wild one and the worst of its aftermath that our bros and sisters of Islamic Moluccas must bears bad name an endless.  
Whether the harmony of live that has been carved in hundreds of years even the live of Pela and Gandong (an oath to be a bros and sisters come down through the centuries indirectly or directly) which is not owned by outsider of Moluccas does not have its moral again?; Whether Alef’Uru or Alif’Uru Nation has not had its significant again?; Whether our bros and sisters of Islamic Moluccas cannot distinguish the good and the bad?; If it was invented by wild/outsider Islamic, whether the combined Christian and Islamic of Moluccas cannot be united in a fabric of Gandong to rejected even cast them out of Moluccas? and if it was been an upshot of invention by the Indonesia green army and police which is just stir up trouble and kill, do not our own bros and sister of Christian and Islamic could cast them out of Moluccas and stated that we do not need the supplement Indonesia’s army and police outside of Moluccas for we have our regular army and police?.
Do not have been proved that the Malino II Conference, February 12, 2002 was merely just go to trap the Moluccas so cannot be peace?.
The Malino II Conference looks like a good one but its aftermath exactly to kill gradually (genocide) the Moluccas indigenous people Christian and Islamic.
Why I say that, let’s look in details the content of “Peace Agreement of Moluccas in Malino (Malino II):
  1. To end all conflicts and disputes
  2. To abide by due process of law enforcement fairly, faithfully, honestly and impartially, supported by the communities. Therefore, the existing security officers are obliged to be professional in exercising their mission.
  3. To reject and oppose all kinds of separatist movements, among others the Republic of South Moluccas (RMS), that threatens the unity and sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. That as part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, the people of the Moluccas has the rights to stay and work legally and fairly in the Republic of Indonesia nationwide and vice versa, by respecting the local culture, law and order.
  5. To ban and disarm illegal armed organizations, groups, or militias, in accordance with the existing law. Outsider parties that disturb the peace in the Moluccas will be expelled from the Moluccas.
  6. To establish a national independent investigation team to investigate among others, the tragic incident on January 19, 1999, the Moluccas Sovereign Front (Front Kedaulatan Maluku-FKM), Republic of South Moluccas (Republik Maluku Selatan-RMS), Christian Republic of South Moluccas (Kristen Republik Maluku Selatan-Kristen RMS), jihad warrior (laskar jihad), Christ Warrior (laskar Kristus), coercive conversion, and human rights violation.
  7. To call for the voluntarily return of refugees to their homes, and the return of properties.
  8. To rehabilitate mental, social, economic and public infrastructures, particularly educational, health, religious, and housing facilities, supported by the Indonesian Government. In line with that, all of limitation of public movement space has to be opened so the economic and social living shall running well.
  9. To preserve law and order for the people in the area, it is absolutely necessary for the military and the police to maintain coordination and firmness in executing their function and mission. In line with this, a number of military and police facilities must be rebuild and re-equipped to enable them to function properly.
  10. To uphold good relationship and the harmony among all elements of believers in the Moluccas, all efforts of evangelism must highly honor the diversity and acknowledge local culture.
  11. To support the rehabilitation of Pattimura University for common progress, as such, the recruitment system and other policies will be transparently implemented based on the principle of fairness while upholding the necessary standard.

If all Moluccas bros and sisters take account, look and learn in details then obviously visible that not even one of Malino II Conference items which was completely done in Moluccas more over in South Moluccas.
Item I, To end, what it was been ended, none, the word of to end just in the sheet not in the bare field and or in the conscience.
Since both side of perfunctorily representative of Christian and Islamic put their signature in Malino II Conference, February 12, 2002 then it has ensued the otherwise namely, that conflict, damaged even death among the Moluccas society has been untold until these day.
“Hi, the news paper in Moluccas please to review how many conflicts has done and its consequence either victims of moral, physic and even soul from February 13, 2002 till yet”.    
Item II, Please tell us which one is the law enforcement that fairly, faithfully, honestly and impartially?; Please show to us which one is the apparatus that professional?; Is not if the Islamic people do wrong things, its process was unclearly?, Is not its aftermath also unclearly?, but if the Moluccas Christian arrested arbitrarily they (law apparatus) are always seeking for the way to put those Christian people into a wrong way and later on punished them in years (irrelevant sentenced)?, even to put them into a barbaric mayhem?.   
Item III, Wow, That’s great, rejected the separatist including the Republic of the South Moluccas (RMS); Ok, give us proof that you all have  composed a legal basic of law about an objection towards the separatist including the RMS, so that we know too that the RMS is a crashing separatist or the only crashing legal state in Indonesia?; So that we know too that the RMS was been the first one or KUHP (criminal code) chapter 106 and 110 was been the first one?; So that we know too that KUHP chapter 106 and 110 was been erected in what year and the RMS was been erected in what year. “Do not teach the duck to swim”.    
Item IV, This is the only item they exercised in Moluccas, this item has opened a nonstop wide occasion or in other words this item has to be a wide way to open their/the wild wings in Moluccas. Supposedly this item must be none until the conflict really completely done between both Christian and Islamic indigenous of Moluccas, and later on after that the Moluccas restated opened again for common of Indonesia, But in this case they have known already, because if this item to be none then Mujahiddin/Jihad/Indonesia’s green army, police and terrorist may not be breeding innumerable in Moluccas alias their planning shall be dead.  
“I still remember when I made a meeting in my house at Kudamati, Ambon city; I was inviting a lot of personage of Moluccas even a field common people that concerns towards the Moluccas conflicts/riots; I was forbidden them to go to Malino II or if they insist to go, please the then Head of Presbyterian Synod (Rev. Hendriks) and the then Head of Catholic Church (Bishop Mandagi) adjust it perfectly, it means that people are going to go must have a good education, dedication, commitment and literally love the Moluccas, because if it is not, in this case just perfunctorily representative which represented then it shall evoke an otherwise namely to be a new disaster or boomerang or a stumble stone for Moluccas and also I was take a considerable effort to aware Pemmy Souisa and his field friend the same sightseeing but they ignored, that is why now I must say to them that please eat what your all stubborn”.      
Item V, Just has ensued the otherwise namely that all of new comer/Mujahiddin/Jihad/Indonesia green army and police/terrorists enter to Moluccas bring their war equipped; among the Christian side raid by police but regardless the Islamic side.
Moluccas is the Maritime territory, multi gate/entrance, and hard to be controlled and wild Islamic side has a lot of accessibility to come in it like (budgeting, equipment, link of organization that supported by many accessed and what not the same aforementioned that back up their activities).
Item VI, American people said bullshit; Where is the result of an investigation by a team of National Investigation Independent (TIIN) that created by Megawati Soekarnoputri?; How come all bad things doing by Islamic will be investigated by Islamic!; How come all damaged done by Jihad will be investigated by Jihad!; How come an Indonesia’s Islamic around 70 % (rational data) want to discover the Islamic trespass in Moluccas!; How come the TIIN want to reveal the Indonesia mistake in front of international eyes!.“Before you give the puzzle we have known the answered”   

“Hence, then the base of law has been cleared that because of TIIN has bare failed to exercise their duties nationally then there has been the time now a launching of an International Independent Investigation Team (TIII) to Moluccas needed for”.

Item VII, To turn back the refugee to their initial dwelling and the return of properties; Just constitute a statement, it will be a funny things like this, “until grasses bears the sky”; Which one that has done virtually, please show to us; The refugee has added over and over again; “Promise will be a promise but deceiving ongoing”; Is not the close suburban area of Moluccas has abound with outside transmigration?; Is not the most Christian of Moluccas areas before TKM has been crushed by the Islamic outside?.      
Item VIII, To rehabilitate mental, social, economic and public infrastructures, particularly educational, health, religious, and housing facilities, supported by the Indonesian Government; It barely made but the wild burned up periodically; The funny things like this, “indeed they ancestor from jawa owned their properties in Moluccas so they did it again and again”!.
If you said that to rehabilitate the all thing abovementioned from 2002 till now why the South Moluccas has became a poorest territory!.   
Open the movement space so easy to kill the Christian!; there is no guarantee to go through the Islamic area, why so, because a lot of long birds (Jihad/Mujahiddin) like goats is looking for grass to eat and it is ignored by police and army on the spot; Police and army just open its checkpoint mostly in Christian areas compare to Islamic areas.   
“I go to say to Karel, Richard and others, if you all just became a higher of Moluccas for each of your own self, is better each of your mom did not labor you!, Do not embarrass the Alif’Uru, do not embarrass your own mom”!, Is better you all quit with honor than you sell the nation’s firstborn right!, if you all are unable say frankly that the people will respect you all 100 %. Do not lust of power more than your nation’s misery!, you have nothing but you become a guide to your people is better than you have a seat but became betrayers and bootlickers!. I do not say that you all like that but I just remind you all; Remember the ancestor said that “The Corn and or pumpkin has its heart more over man”!.
Item IX, To preserve law and order for the people in the area, it is absolutely necessary for the military and the police to maintain coordination and firmness in executing their function and mission.
In line with this, a number of military and police facilities must be rebuild and re-equipped to enable them to function properly.
If they want to undertake this item virtually, I put my head to be cut down that as long as the supplement army and police came down sustained in Moluccas/Ambon and its surrounding areas then meaning that the problems of Moluccas shall prolonged because their attendance never solve the problem absolutely even ensued the otherwise namely more added the problems and these were proved during this time; Can you imagine that has hundreds battalions of police and army launched to Moluccas since January 19, 1999 up to now?, whether their appearance in Moluccas solve the problems? or we have to say honestly that the problems become more and more just for their existence in Moluccas, why it so, becausethey are really the problem makers towards Moluccas. They are really the strong point and critical strong point and the causation of bad situation.
The Moluccas does not need army and police supplement from outside, but the Moluccas just badly needed its regular army and police which is intensified and efficient because both of them were known exactly about Islamic and Christian Moluccas.        
Item X, To uphold good relationship and the harmony among all elements of believers in the Moluccas, all efforts of evangelism must highly honor the diversity and acknowledge local culture.
We do not have this item from long ago but we have a harmony relationship between Islamic and Christian Moluccas, it is unbeatable, and why nowadays became meaningless, is because an envy and jealous from Islamic outside and its bad intervene to Moluccas; So do not say now about good relationship and harmony in Moluccas; Do not teach us about that, even we have to teach you (the wild/outsider) about this thing. The principal just like this, the wild Islamic/wild intruder must be cast away from Moluccas right away, this item also never done but just in the sheet. If the Christian Churches’ teaching is  unlike with the teaching of Jihad/Mujahiddin, how come it will finished (the Church’s teaching  about love to each other like yourself but while Jihad/Mujahiddin’s teaching about kill the Christian/gentile, how come it will be mutual meeting; I think “until chicken has a teeth/until the day after it will never meet”).
Item XI, Which one is that, we never seen this item’s treatment, the bare fact that we watch it namely that the wild were really stupid but act like smart, and for covered their fool they said that it was not fair in UNPATI University, and further ram into there and here like wound pigs and burnt arbitrarily; is not it?.   

“Justice is absolutely!, but properly justice and not improperly justice like you/the wild want”.

I again put my head to be cut down that we the Christian were teaching to be love each other instead of mutual killing and Holy Bible never taught, that if you kill somebody you will enter the heaven but otherwise you shall be in abiding fire. Yet I cannot fancy that the lesson of radicalism Islamic just upside down, like to kill surely be in heaven or married with angels and so forth that comfort to hear but illogically. 
““I need to tell you all bros and sisters of Islamic inside and outside of Moluccas as follows: If you are ordering by your personage of religious like Kiyai, Ustad or others like that with saying that, you all must kill Christian and or gentile people so that you all shall enter the heaven or at least married with an angels or something like that, then right away you all must talk to them, that in case of its rewarded indeed as good as that, why you the personage of religious does not make it ahead of us to be a good exemplification to us, so we know too now that this order is right beneath of all, but if you the personage of religious cannot make it, do not make us like an obedient goat””.  

“Couple of people that has to be hanged because of their sin which was cause a preservation of conflicts/riots in Moluccas was Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the President of Indonesia and also Yusuf Kalla that has came back home. Both of them and their stooge just insist to succeed the Malino II to cover their/Indonesia’s lie before international eyes”.     
I cannot point across case by case because it is not solve the problem and it is ceaseless, yet we must discuss about its principality, namely what has to be a point of departure of demolition towards the Moluccas intentionally.
What I have told just its skin/surface or coarse lines, because if we want to come in deeply then it will visible clearly various of game that happened in its inside like manipulate, camouflage, negative collaborate/conspiracy in each of those item, beside various shape of mechanism of political, position and corruption interest and something in line with that.    

The Consequences:
  1. Physically damaged/smashed (building/housing)
  2. Destruction of culture
  3. Destruction of future
  4. Destruction of link of living
  5. Mentally traumatic (human being)
  6. Injured, mild to severe (human being)
  7. Death or victims of soul (human being)

The highlight of vicious circle:  

  • Leading sector is Islamic hard liner (Mujahiddin/Jihad) and terrorists.
  • Supporting group is Indonesia green army and police.
  • Action, is to create the strong point, critical strong point and at its turn sure to evoke a bad condition among the community.
  • Destination is Islamization and Jawanization.
  • Craft is the SARA (race, religion, ethnic and group).
  • Invention of a lukewarm and or supporting season is Indonesia’s Government.
  • Steering Committee is hard liner personage from (scientist, religious, jawa/jawa minded, political, government and others like that).
  • Background of slaughtering in Moluccas: 1. The Moluccas is Majority Christian (oldest and strongest); 2. The Moluccas is Wealthy; 3. The Moluccas Is Israeli; 4. The Moluccas is a state/The Republic of the South Moluccas (RMS), April 25, 1950 but still occupied by Indonesia government illegally; 5. The Moluccas in Forecast by King Joyoboyo (belongs to Jawa) namely: “One day I afraid the men who eat like a dog”.      

South Moluccas, USA (California), October 18, 2011

On behalf of the South Moluccas Nation

Transitional Government
My best regards


Dr. Alexander H Manuputty

Executive Administrator

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