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 “A Free Born People are not required to Submit to Tyranny”

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To:       Hon, Secretary-General of United nations (UN),
Mr. Ban Ki-moon
To:       Hon, President of International Court of Justice ICJ),
Mr. Hisashi Owada

With regard,        

A formation of United Nations mission in South Moluccas (UNMISM) and review upon an International Law Decisions towards an Independence of the Republic of the South Moluccas (RMS) 60 years ago pretty needed to be realized today as a fair treatment by United Nations (UN) and also by International Court of Justice (ICJ), same like what had been done with reference to Kosovo Independence. 

United Nations Commission for Indonesia (UNCI) in connection with a capitulation of Sovereignty to Indonesia in form of United States of Indonesia (RIS) by Dutch colonizer has really failed to fulfill its duties, especially in the light of plebiscite democratically and freely and it has evoke a pell-mell in consequence thereof in all Indonesia where the Republic of Indonesia (RI) as one of the states has collaborated together with United States of Indonesia (Federation of Indonesia/RIS) to liquidate the whole other states (15) through their military aggression to be a Unitary States of Indonesia (NKRI).
The NKRI was been the only one of the diamond time (1950 – 2010), where its entirety establishment has violated the international law.
This matter has caused the South Moluccas proclaimed themselves to be a Republic of the South Moluccas on account of the fact that the Negara Indonesia Timur/Great East is unable to maintain her position as a part of the United States of Indonesia, in accordance with the Muktamar Denpasar (Denpasar Regulations) which is still valid now and concerning to the resolution of the Council of South Moluccas of March eleventh 1947, while the Republic of the United States of Indonesia has acted incompatible with the resolutions taken at the Round Table Conference and its own constitution.

UNMISM is badly needed now to correct the bygone willfully neglect by United Nations via its UNCI and at its turn will has another gain namely parallel to the UNMIK (fair treatment).

Whatever decision that has been done in keep with the South Moluccas Independence by (Resolution passed by the Netherlands Branch of the International Law Association on 24 June 1950; The Judgment of the President of the Arrondissement Court of Amsterdam of 2 November 1950; The Judgment of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam of the 8th February 1951; The Judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice for New Guinea, given on the 7th of March 1952):

  • Could become an either materials to be reviewed positively and or furthermore it is really could become a significant consideration about its justification, by International Court of Justice parallel with Kosovo’s result.         
  • Has been justified automatically again by an act of ICJ in line with Kosovo’s Independence.

One importance thing also, that UNCI has made a fatal reported about a situation in South Moluccas to Security Council of UN where virtually was been a disputed or a serious war between NKRI and RMS and exactly on account of that has made the case of RMS been obscured hitherto. 
Furthermore that some urgent things to be considered immediately, because like or dislike, nevertheless the only one an existing state that according to the international law in the era of decolonization in Indonesia 65 years ago was the RMS state, hence:          
  • UN and ICJ do not close eye towards an oppression of Indonesia government to people of FKM – RMS that has taken time from years of 2000 to 2010 with a heap of loss that has befallen the people of FKM – RMS.
  • UN and ICJ do not close eye towards imprisonment, mistreatment, and inhumane treatment even slowly genocide that has befallen the people of South Moluccas and also the moral activists of FKM – RMS during this time.
  • UN and ICJ do not close eye towards innumerable of violation of NKRI towards the people of territories that not belong to them including the RMS’ people during the period of 60 years (1950 – 2010).
  • UN and ICJ do not close eye towards a herd of decision that justified the act of South Moluccas people to proclaim their independence in form of RMS state.
  • UN and ICJ do not close eye towards the RMS position as a Non Self Governing Territory matter of course up to now since its annexation by RI/RIS/NKRI.
  • UN and ICJ do not close eye towards South Moluccas people demanded to enjoy their beloved country the RMS off from the grip of NKRI as the humanity crime.
I know for a fact that an International law has became a precisely pattern to attest, whether an act that lead to be a country or something like that could be welcome or rejected. 
In addition to remind that according to the bare facts where the President of NKRI Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also allegedly nonchalance to inhumane torturing by his apparatus (Detachment of police 88 and or army) towards hundreds of moral activists of Moluccas Sovereignty Front (FKM) of RMS in a couple of years lately and later on has continued to tens of FKM other activists recently, then it is not close a probability that he is a crime of Humanity, hence must be brought before the international tribune, or at least there is an independence international investigation as to proof his involving in entirety of human rights abuses on these days.
The Immunity of whomever president must be correlated with its commitment to bring its people to enjoy the destination of a country like: “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness”, how come a President who killed or indifference towards acts to kill its people over and over again purposely could be at will come and go.
Just for example to be considered that, Is President Barack Obama who upholds human rights will be harmonized with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that infracted the human rights deliberately directly or indirectly?; The President physically was might be the same but morally was not might be the same.

We the FKM – RMS from homeland South Moluccas do not have money, but we have the truth, a commitment, a moral and a hard willing to sustain remind International parties that may concern in order to be sure that the RMS is the only one legally state in Indonesia that has a considerable juridical lead over other states whose sovereign status has been recognized in past years and which have accordingly been admitted as members of the United Nations.

We, the South Moluccan fervently hope a significantly view of President Hisashi Owada and Mr. Ban Ki-moon and all others to put in place the RMS independence, April 25, 1950.

South Moluccas, USA (CA), October 26, 2010
FKM - RMS Transitional Government

My best regard


Dr. Alexander H Manuputty
Executive Administrator

Copy distributed to all Honorable:
  • President of United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Srgjan Kerim (Represent the then President Warrin Austin)
  • President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama (Represent the then USA’s representative in Renville Agreement)
  • President of France, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy (Represent the then Monsieur Lacoste)
  • President of Egypt, Mr. Hosni Mubarak (Represent the then Mahmoud Fawzi Bey)
  • President of Republic of Indonesia (RI) August 17, 1945 (Represent the then President of RI, Ir. Soekarno)
  • The Queen of United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II (Represent the then Queen)
  • The Queen of Netherlands, Queen Beatrix (Represent the then Queen)
  • Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron (Represent the then Sir Gladwyn Jebb)
  • Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mr. DR. J. P. Balkenende (Represent the then Prime Minister DR. Drees)
  • Prime Minister of Australia, Mrs. Julia Gillard MP (Represent the then Australia’s representative in Renville Agreement)
  • Prime Minister of Belgium, Mr. Yves Leterme (Represent the then Belgium’s representative in Renville Agreement)
  • Prime Minister of Egypt, Mr. Ahmed Nazif (Represent the then Mahmoud Fawzi Bey)
  • Members of WFUNA (Mauritius, India, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Canada, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Jamaica), Represent the then WFUNA.

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