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All Honorable

 “A Free Born People are not required to Submit to Tyranny”

 Kantor Pusat/Head Office, “HOMELAND” Jalan Dr. Kayadoe, No. 71, Lrg. PMI Kudamati Ambon
Address in exile: HEADQUARTERS, 945 Vallejo Drive, Hemet CA, 92543, USA
or 15538 Bellflower Blvd. # B, Bellflower CA, 90706, USA
Phone: 1 909 363 5677;   e-mail:

  • The Honorable Secretary-General of United nations (UN), Mr. Ban Ki-moon
  • The Honorable President of International Court of Justice (ICJ), Mr. Hisashi Owada
    • The Honorable President of United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Srgjan Kerim (Represent the then President Warrin Austin)
    • The Honorable President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama (Represent the then USA’s representative in Renville Agreement)
    • The Honorable President of France, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy (Represent the then Monsieur Lacoste)
    • The Honorable President of Egypt, Mr. Hosni Mubarak (Represent the then Mahmoud Fawzi Bey)
    • The Honorable President of Republic of Indonesia (RI) August 17, 1945 (Represent the then President of RI, Ir. Soekarno)
    • The Honorable The Queen of United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II (Represent the then Queen)
    • The Honorable The Queen of Netherlands, Queen Beatrix (Represent the then Queen)
    • The Honorable Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron (Represent the then Sir Gladwyn Jebb)
    • The Honorable Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mr. DR. J. P. Balkenende (Represent the then Prime Minister DR. Drees)
    • The Honorable Prime Minister of Australia, Mrs. Julia Gillard MP (Represent the then Australia’s representative in Renville Agreement)
    • The Honorable Prime Minister of Belgium, Mr. Yves Leterme (Represent the then Belgium’s representative in Renville Agreement)
    • The Honorable Prime Minister of Egypt, Mr. Ahmed Nazif (Represent the then Mahmoud Fawzi Bey)
    • The Honorable Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. B. Netanyahu (Allegedly the South Moluccan are Israeli)
    • The Honorable Members of WFUNA (Mauritius, India, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Canada, Sudan, Sierra Leone and Jamaica), Represent the then WFUNA.
With Regard,

With all our humbleness, we the people of the South Moluccas amounts one and half millions, through our representative in struggling the (Moluccas Sovereignty Front) FKM - RMS (Republic of the South Moluccas) come before all the Honorable mentioned above as to say frankly that we are really the people of the Republic of the South Moluccas (RMS), proclaimed on April 25, 1950, legally in pursuance of International Provision at that moment (around the year of Round Table Conference/RTC, 1949 – 1950).

This proclamation has gotten avowal, support and justification from an international law (Resolution passed by the Netherlands Branch of the International Law Association on 24 June 1950; The Judgment of the President of the Arrondissement Court of Amsterdam of 2 November 1950; The Judgment of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam of the 8th February 1951).

This state and its first government has been seized/annexed/overturned, illegally/brutally by unitary state of Indonesia (NKRI) through their military aggression during 13 years old, and we the South Moluccan became NKRI’s people under coercion as yet.

The NKRI establishment on August 15, 1950 has violated the entirety international law.
For all the Honorable know that we the South Moluccans nowadays are not want to be independent for the second time, because we were independent from year 1950 and still independent forever, that is why do not call us (the South Moluccas people and or activists of FKM – RMS) as pro independent, that is not fit/right because we struggled not for getting independence again, but for reclaiming our RMS’ state sovereignty back. (Achenese’s and Papuanese’s resistance is really for getting their independence).

We badly need that all the Honorable should be appreciate, honor, uphold our RMS’ state sovereignty and also must return, restore that sovereignty that still in the grip of NKRI where it was dreadfully fatal.
In case of nothing complain from the South Moluccans since 1950 till now, then ok, probable all the Honorable can close the eyes, but on the contrary all the Honorable know exactly that from the year 1950 thus far, there has been innumerable complain from the South Moluccans as remind all the Honorable and other higher of the world to put in place properly the position of the RMS as nationhood, and it is not exaggerated also that these complains has caused abundantly miserable and death among us all this time.

There is no principal reason to justify action of close the eyes by leader of UN, ICJ and the whole state that has been recognized in past years and which have accordingly been admitted as members of the United Nations towards a trample on sovereignty right of the RMS as an existing state since 1950 by NKRI hitherto.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should conduct a politely significant dialog between Indonesian Government and higher of FKM – RMS to end an occupation upon the South Moluccas territory and its people and to fruit a convenience climate as well because nothing is impossible to solve anything, except if greediness still belong to Indonesia and nonchalance is still a part of other honorable.

The RMS state was been parallel to the whole state in the world and it is still fulfills the criteria of a formation of a state namely: Territory; People; Government (Transitional Government as a shadow) and Justification from an International Law which is still valid up to now and matter of course it is crashing required an urge action from all the Honorable to reinstall.
The virtually fact of territory of NKRI (August 15, 1950) is not including the RMS territory (April 25, 1950), this is an inviolable international fact. 

Finally, greeting from a hundreds South Moluccan/activists FKM-RMS prisoners to all the Honorable.
Thanks in advance, Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011, God Bless all the Honorable.

South Moluccas, USA (CA), December 7, 2010
On behalf of South Moluccas Nation
Transitional Government
My best regard

Dr. Alexander H Manuputty
Executive Administrator

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